Navigating changes in the Australian Aerospace and Defence Industry

Covid and post Covid

The impacts of COVID on the aerospace and defence industry.

At the turn of 2020, the entire world came to a standstill as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe. As it settled into nations, all industries and organisations across the globe felt the impact, including the Australian aerospace and defence industries.

Whilst some of the changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused disruptions, others acted as a catalyst, forcing organisations to fast-track their plans for digital transformation and embrace a flexible way of work life. Things that otherwise would have sat in the pipeline, or on the “to do” list for a few more years to come. For instance, according to Australian Defence Magazine, “Previous traditions of hierarchy and rigid processes had to be abandoned by defence organisations during the pandemic as they were forced to adapt to new ways of working. Remote operations, flexibility and, most importantly, technology had to be at the heart of all contingency plans to continue operations during the height of the pandemic—and provide emergency support to health services.”

On the other hand, we saw commercial aviation companies experience disruptions. While on the defence side, contractors were better positioned since budgets were allocated in advance for projects, and each was critical to the defence industry. A recent report from Deloitte provides some insights into the impacts and implications within the aerospace and defence sector.

Plastic plane on a facemask with COVID test

So, with all the changes and disruptions, you may be wondering how it all impacted Quartek?

Always stay one step ahead

One of the major changes the COVID-19 pandemic brought has been remote working. For many organisations within the aerospace and defence industry, this may have involved major transitions to the new way of working and required time to adapt.

Whilst others navigated through the changes, here at Quartek, we were already working with some of our clients remotely. Something we had been doing for many years. Therefore, the transition to working from home and collaborating remotely was extremely smooth.

Supporting essential services from day one

If there’s one thing the pandemic brought to light was the importance of essential services such as healthcare, transportation, and environmental.

During a time when some sectors suffered immensely, here at Quartek providing engineering services to the defence industry meant supporting essential services. Hence, allowing us to continue through some otherwise challenging times.

Post-COVID at Quartek

During the pandemic, we all experienced just how quickly things can change. The pace of change has been one of the biggest challenges for most companies and industries. One learning we can take away from this – is to anticipate the future and be prepared.

Here at Quartek, we endeavour to stay one step ahead of the game. With remote work and a flexible work environment already a part of the culture, we look towards further technological advancements and innovations to keep up with the times and provide our clients with the best in class, cutting edge services.

Recent upgrades to our IT system and communications software have been implemented with cyber-security at the forefront. We have also invested in more technology and hardware to accommodate for better online engagement so we can communicate and collaborate seamlessly with our teams working from home and with clients that we cannot meet face-to-face.

We’re here to work with you

We focus on remaining agile and dynamic, which allows us to adapt to meet our client’s needs. As well as offer a range of different engagement models. Quartek is a certified ISO9001:2015 organisation – an achievement we’re very proud of and one which permeates right throughout our company culture.

The team at Quartek have experience in partnering with global industry leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, small business, R&D and defence. If you would like to learn more about Quartek’s capabilities and services and how we can support you, please feel free to contact us.