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The aerospace industry is one that is continually making improvements. Thus, with an increase in technological advances and demands across industries, it comes as no surprise that we can expect to see innovative technology trends within the aerospace industry.

So, what technological advances can we expect soon? Let’s take a look.



1. Environmentally-friendly aircraft

According to a report by the Royal Academy of Engineering, a recent consumer survey by Airbus reflected that “96% of those who took the survey agreed that they wanted flying to be more environmentally friendly.” Furthermore, with regulators also demanding the same, “the European Union’s Flightpath 2050 strategy wants to see carbon dioxide emissions associated with aviation reduced by 75% and noise by 65% compared to the year 2000.”

To get the ball rolling, Airbus recently revealed three concepts for the world’s first new zero-emission commercial aircraft. Which could enter service by 2035. The concepts will rely on hydrogen as their primary power source.


2.      Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other smart technology have many uses

  • To schedule and manage maintenance and repairs.
  • To improve fuel efficiency.
  • To improve designs and to build lighter-weight aerodynamics.
  • To converse and deliver solutions to customers through automated emails and chatbots.
  • To train pilots and engineers using visual technologies.

With so many benefits, AI could offer gaming-changing transformations to the future of aviation and how the industry operates.


3.      Unmanned flights

Can you imagine a plane without a pilot? If you think this sounds a little like a sci-fi movie, you’re not alone. But, with the growing trend of autonomy, it appears the future of flight systems is heading this way.

Whilst fully pilotless aircraft systems may be a while away, we are already seeing the innovation take place in the form of drones. Boeing is also paving the way with their MQ-25 unmanned aircraft system designed for the U.S navy.


4.      Supersonic flights

There is an ever-increasing need for speed. Thus, there are no surprises that aerospace innovation is heading toward making the world more accessible. How? Through flights that are faster than the speed of sound. If you think such flights ended with the retirement of Concord, well, here’s some news for you. The U.S Air Force recently announced its partnership with Boom Supersonic. An aerospace company building the world’s fastest, most sustainable aircraft.

Boom’s Overture will enter manufacturing in 2023. They say it will carry 65-88 passengers at twice the speed of ordinary airlines.

So, there we have it. These are just some exciting innovations on the horizon amongst plenty of others that we can look forward to.


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