Our operations director, Steven Karakostas, brings over 17 years of experience managing static stress and F&DT aerospace projects and teams. His skills include:

Steven Karakostas, Quartek operations director

  • classical static stress analysis,
  • linear static,
  • non-linear static, and,
  • random vibration finite element analysis
  • project and program management
  • leadership, both technical and team

Throughout his career, he has worked with several Australian Department of Defence agencies as well as leading global aerospace organisations, including

Steven continues to work passionately in supporting Australia’s defence industry on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft platforms with the team at Quartek.

We recently sat down with Steven for a quick Q and A to learn more about his passion for the aerospace industry and how it all began.

Q. You have over 17 years of experience within the aerospace industry, what made you passionate about this area of work?

My family took a day trip to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine Airport as it was locally referred to in the 1980s) to farewell my grandmother, who was traveling to Europe.

I remember spending most of the day on the observation deck, which, in those days, was outside, watching aircraft depart and land. Boing 747-100s and -200s, Boeing 727s (lots of TAA aircraft), and Douglas Company DC9 (that Ansett Airlines operated) and was simply fascinated. And ever since that day, I knew that I was going to be involved in the aerospace industry – one way or another

Q. What has been your career highlight?

It’s hard to go past the F35 JSF program. The JSF program was not only the most technically challenging work I have been involved with in my career but one of the most rewarding and something I am still very proud of.

Working on the Lockheed Martin structures team on primary and secondary structures (metallic and composite) and sub-systems design on all variants was definitely a highlight.

Q. What is the one thing you have learned and carried with you in all your years in the industry?

You can achieve success in many ways. There is no simple way, unique formula, or specific management trick to define what the best path to success may look like. No two projects are the same, nor are skill sets and knowledge. Therefore, a level of trust is key to successful project delivery models, something that the team at Quartek strongly believes in.

Q. You have worked with leading aerospace organisations over the years. What, in your opinion, sets Quartek apart from other Aerospace engineering companies?

Delivery-focused. As an engineering services company, we pride ourselves on providing practical and timely solutions to complex engineering problems. The Quartek team leverage on years of experience partnering with global industry leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, and defence to achieve this. This is what I believe makes us unique and sets Quartek apart from other Aerospace Engineering Companies.

Q. What does a workday look like for you?

My workday typically revolves around providing engineering support to one of our major clients Boeing Defence Australia (BDA), on the E-7A Wedgetail Program. Support can vary from structural analysis and documentation of airframe components to modification work in support of aircraft maintenance and upgrade activities. Specialist areas like specification development and certification activities are also part of a typical workday.

Q. What is the one thing no one knows about you?

I got my first job at the Camberwell Fresh Food Market at age 12.


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