As we fast approach the end of the year and prepare to bid adieu to 2022 (and may we say, where did the year go?!), we’re taking a moment to reflect upon the highlights of this year.

Every year usually brings some highs, some lows, and of course, new experiences. 2022 has been nothing short of an adventure for us here at Quartek. On that note, let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights from the past 12 months. Man sitting on a chair thinking 2022

Rewarding moments from 2022

Here at Quartek, we’ve had a big year! From hiring some of the top talent in the industry to taking on new projects and even reconnecting with old friends – this year, we’ve done it all.
Here are a few of the brief highlights:


1.      Welcoming new clients and new projects

Winning a job is no easy feat. In saying that, with a little luck and some very hard work, we’re pleased to announce we’ll be working with two new clients – one a defence prime and the other a world-class aerospace component manufacturer. So, watch this space!


2.      Reconnecting with old friends and colleagues

This year we attended the Land Forces exhibition in Brisbane. For those who don’t know about Land Forces, it’s Australia’s largest international land defence exposition attracting hundreds of defence, government and scientific delegations. The event enabled us to surround ourselves with ample inspiration. It was also a brilliant way to connect with our friends and colleagues in the defence community after being on hiatus for a couple of years.


3.      Recruited the industry’s top talent

As Quartek continues to grow, we’ve welcomed on board some highly experienced and respected engineers this year. We’ve also expanded our services to include software and automation, which is now led by our talented General Manager of Software – Richard Thornton.


4.      New projects and innovative designs on the horizon

Watch out for some of our mind-blowing designs in 2023! We have some exciting projects currently in production at our engineering partners and can’t wait to unveil them. So, stay tuned as we bring you more updates, sneak peeks and, ultimately, the big reveal!


5.      Positive feedback from clients

Often when you’re busy working, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You question – are you doing a good enough job, and how can we do better? But when you receive rave reviews from your clients, it’s music to your ears! This year, we’ve received enormous appreciation and humbling feedback from our new clients, which have certainly given us a boost.


Looking forward to 2023

2022 has been a rewarding year. But we’ve also had some challenges which have required us to reassess some of our strategies. In doing so, we have reinvigorated ourselves, and we are now looking forward to 2023. A year that is shaping up to be our best year yet.

So, stay tuned for upcoming news and information by keeping an eye out for fresh new content on our LinkedIn page.

Here’s looking forward to 2023!