Aden 30mm Cannon

Custom Test Firing Capability

Working alongside QinetiQ, our team of engineers and project managers helped design, develop and deliver a unique capability that allows JPEU to safely test fire a range of aircraft-based weapons systems.

Aden 30mm Cannon Custom Firing Test Facility

Dept of Defence – Joint Proof and Experimental Unit


Project management, supplier management, integration engineering, compliance analysis, structural design and analysis, electrical design

Design and deliver a system capable of safely remote firing the 30mm Aden aircraft cannon on a range that also allows the cannon to be temperature conditioned anywhere from -50C to +70C prior to firing. The system was also required to be capable of fractional adjustment for pitch and yaw, be stable under rapid firing, allow safe mounting of the weapon system into the firing room and be compatible with a number of other weapons systems for future projects.

Successfully delivered the Aden Cannon firing system to JPEU on schedule, meeting all customer specific requirements including structural, functional, electrical and system safety. The project was also an excellent example of how collaboration within the Australian Defence Industry can work exceptionally well, utilising local suppliers and capabilities to solve complex systems engineering problems and achieve unique outcomes.

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