C130J KA-Band

Composite Radome

Working with Airbus, our team of engineers conducted a detailed structural and frequency response analysis of a KA-Band radome for installation into the RAAF’s fleet of C-130J’s. The analysis facilitated a successful and safe installation of the radome, which is now in service.

C130J KA-Band Composite Radome


Airbus Australia Pacific

Aerospace structures, aerospace design, finite element analysis, classical stress analysis

Construct, develop and validate a finite element model of the C-130J Ka-Band Composite Radome and interfacing structure. Using the validated model, conduct a modal analysis of the radome to determine if it featured fundamental frequencies resonant at aircraft propeller blade pass frequencies and/or harmonics. Finally, correlate the FEM modal analysis results against measured frequency response vibration results and produce a FEM Validation Report.

FEM of C-130J Ka-Band Composite Radome and Modal Analysis results successfully completed and delivered on time and within budget. The modal analysis results demonstrated a high correlation of the radome natural frequencies between the FEM and the measured frequency response vibration results. Achieved a Customer Satisfaction Rating of ‘Excellent’ (>90%).

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