Engineering Director

Elliott is an Aerospace Engineer with over 15 years’ experience working on aerospace structures, specialising in composite structures. This experience includes working onsite within Australia in Sydney and Newcastle and internationally in Malaysia, China, USA and UK with customers and suppliers.

Throughout this time, he has worked on the JSF program, COMAC C919, single aisle Airbus family jets, A400M military transport and A380 Superjumbo jet on a range of composite and metallic primary and secondary structures.

During his time at Quartek, Elliott has worked supporting Australia’s defence industry on transport and surveillance platforms. This has included designing and supporting the manufacture of ground support equipment, aircraft structures and mechanical systems.

Elliott has been a technical specialist and team lead on projects involving in excess of twenty engineers, managing customer communication and team members and the delivery of engineering solutions and documentation. He has held various levels of internal and customer delegated engineering authority, responsible for ensuring engineering quality and rigor.

Elliott strongly believes in the philosophy of working smarter not harder, by taking advantage of computer aided processing to streamline repetitive processes and to best make use of individual time and expertise.

Elliott has a Bachelors (F.C. Hons) degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is a long time Melbourne Victory member and a passionate motorsport fan.