General Manager Software

Richard is a software architect, developer and people leader who is passionate about delivering well-architected solutions to solve your critical needs. Richard’s background in database design, real-time data analysis and app development has seen his career span multiple industries, including road safety, music streaming and agriculture.

As a developer, one of Richard’s favourite projects was a big data analysis and reporting platform for an international road safety organisation. With users spanning from the World Health Organisation to road engineers in developing countries, Richard’s unique problem-solving, user-focussed approach and effective management of many stakeholders ensured data was efficiently processed and reports were accessible, understandable and actionable.

As the Chief Technology Officer of Australia’s first commercially-licensed music streaming platform, Richard would seamlessly move from board presentations to project management and hands-on development of applications and data solutions. Richard worked on biometric sentiment analysis of venue patrons to drive music recommendations, analysis of audio to determine mood, instrumentation and other useful metadata and a vast suite of applications.

Richard is also an accomplished singer/songwriter and plays both piano and trumpet. He has a passion for musical theatre and still performs regularly, including a two-week, one-man musical comedy show in the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2021.