Composite Bellmouth Structural Design and Analysis

Leading and contributing to technical teams, we worked closely with Northrop Grumman in the US to first develop, and then substantiate, the design and analysis of one of the most complex pieces of composite aircraft primary structure ever built.

F35 Composite Bell Mouth Structural Design and Analysis


Northrop Grumman and GKN Aerospace

Specialist aerospace composite structural analysis and design, stakeholder and supplier management. Development of automated analysis tools to improve efficiency and quality. Remote and on-site client engagement.

Design and analyse the F35 Lightning II Bellmouth composite structure on the STOVL variant. The Bellmouth is a carbon fibre composite structure, located below the lift fan door, surrounding the lift fan. Stringent operational performance targets for strength and deflection were defined. Final deliverables required were design and structural justification of the composite Bellmouth with supporting Finite Element Modelling, analysis calculations and structural analysis justification reports.

Successful delivery of Finite Element Models along with detailed supporting analysis files and a comprehensive Structural Analysis Summary report. Composite Bellmouth successfully manufactured by Northrop Grumman, now in production and service on all STOVL F35 variants.

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