Shadow 200

TUAS Integration

Our team of analysts and integration engineers helped Textron facilitate the transition of the Army’s Shadow 200 Tactical Unmanned Aerial System from the outgoing Unimog trucks to the recently acquired Rheinmetal Military Vehicles 40M transports.

Shadow 200 TUAS Integration

UASMU Australian Army

Textron Systems Australia

Automotive structures, integration engineering, project management, compliance analysis

Conduct a structural and frequency response analysis of a raised, stowable platform and ladder as part of the Shadow 200 TUAS ground shelter integration onto the Rheinmetal Military Vehicles 40M trucks used by the Australian Army. Assess the platform’s structural and dynamic performance against operation loads and requirements.

The analysis performed by Quartek showed the platform had sufficient strength and possessed fundamental frequencies of vibration suitable for the system to perform as required in its operational environment.

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