Thales Hawkei PMV

Bonnet Weight Optimisation

As part of a vehicle weight reduction program, Thales approached us to investigate options for optimising the Hawkei’s bonnet. Our team developed and analysed a new design that not only met operational requirements for strength and vibration, but reduced weight by 25%.

Hawkei PMV Bonnet Weight Optimisation

Thales Australia

QuEST Global Engineering

Conceptual structural design and analysis, development of multiple concepts for assessment using CATIA, fInite element analysis to perform justification and validation of alternative designs, development of manufacturing plans, consulting and stakeholder management.

Reduce the overall weight of the Hawkei by investigating options for the replacement of the existing chopped strand mat manufactured bonnet with an alternative design. Options for lighter alternatives had to match current operational performance targets for strength and deflection. Final deliverables were verification of the new design, including analysis justification, design concept and manufacturing plans.

Developed a new design concept for the Hawkei bonnet that achieved a 25% weight reduction while maintaining operating performance characteristics. Successfully delivered detailed design models and drawings, structural justification and manufacturing plans of the alternative foam reinforced woven fibreglass laminate bonnet design.

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